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The Romance of Dance

by Dr. Debi Smith The image of a man and a woman dancing together in three-quarter time is the best metaphor for (and experience of) a romantic relationship as it should be. More specifically, a couple dance provides much of … Continue reading

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Warning Against Adultery

The ancient teaching regarding adultery is very clear: The man who commits adultery destroys himself. What factors contribute to the ignorance (or ignoring) of this warning in our current culture? Does a husband today really “destroy himself” if he commits … Continue reading

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Gary R. Brooks, PhD

Dr. Brooks is a Professor at Baylor University in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience. He earned his PhD at the University of Texas, and his BS at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Interests: Men and Masculinity; Masculinity and Psychotherapy; … Continue reading

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Normative Male Sexual Socialization: Harmless Fun or Sexual Trauma?

by Gary R. Brooks, PhD Baylor University For reasons he only partially comprehends, a 16 year old young man (boy) finds himself with four older buddies entering a dark, seemingly abandoned, and forbidding tenement building in the Roxbury “slums” of … Continue reading

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How to Raise Sons Who Won’t Create Sex Scandals (Levant, 1998)

by Ronald F. Levant Sex scandals periodically burst into the media spotlight, and usually end with the conclusion that “he” (fill in the blank here: Clarence Thomas, William Kennedy Smith, Mike Tyson, Magic Johnson, Woody Allen, Bob Packwood, Hugh Grant, … Continue reading

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