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What About Women?

Join Dr. Debi for “Lunch Break Wednesday: Informational Session + Q & A” @ noon (PDT), May 1, 2013, when our topic will be “Understanding Women.” Get connected here. Preview > Women Are Simple: Part 1 Advertisements

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Meet Dr. Debi @ Vanguard University!

Hopeful Romantics unite at this unique workshop about the relationships between men and women in today’s culture. Married, engaged, dating, or single . . . Come experience the fun, laughter, and romance as a pair of Hopeful Romantics interpret Ephesians … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Boys and Girls-Nature or Nurture?

BOYS & GIRLS: Are boys and girls really different? And if they are, then why? Are their brains structured differently? Are they raised differently? Should they be? The bottom line question hasn’t changed for years: are any differences we see … Continue reading

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