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Abstracts & Links to Final Papers

Benson, B., Castro, B., Graf, J., & Pratt, M. (2008). The influence, importance, and expression of heterosexual same-sex male friendships. Unpublished manuscript. Azusa Pacific University. ABSTRACT: This paper examines the implications and expression of heterosexual male friendships. Relationships are a … Continue reading

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Men and Depression

Presentation by Jaime Canterbury, Sean Kindt, Shannon Selander, Katie Van Der Meer, Nicole Weinert, Natalie Wolfers, and Christen Wright

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Pope, Cohane, Kanayama, Siegel, & Hudson (2003)

Pope, Cohane, Kanayama, Siegel, and Hudson (2003) performed a trial of the effects of testosterone levels as they relate to men with refractory depression. Once several men were eliminated from the study for several reasons, researchers were left with a … Continue reading

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Hyde, Mezulis, & Abramson (2008)

Hyde, Mezulis, and Abramson (2008) proposed a model integrating affective (emotional reactivity), biological (genetic vulnerability, pubertal hormones, puberty timing and development) and cognitive (cognitive style, objectified body, consciousness, rumination) factors as vulnerabilities to depression that, in interaction with negative life … Continue reading

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Jackson (2007)

Gender role conflict has been found to be associated with higher rates of depression among men. In order to further study this area, Jackson (2007) conducted an analysis of data collected by 92 boys, ages 12-18 in hopes of examining … Continue reading

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Brownhill, Wilhelm, Barclay, & Schmied (2005)

To address the problem of men and depression, Brownhill, Wilhelm, Barcley, and Schmied (2005) investigated men’s experience of depression. In their study, they hoped to find out about men’s experiences by simply asking them. The sample consisted of 77 men, … Continue reading

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Ryan et al. (2008)

Ryan, Carriere, Ritchie, Stewart, Toulemonde, Dartigues, Tzourio, and Ancelin (2008) sought to examine the relationship between depression and mortality, using as subjects a community-based elderly population. This study also examined the relative influence of gender and the use of anti-depressant … Continue reading

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