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Abstracts & Links to Final Papers

Benson, B., Castro, B., Graf, J., & Pratt, M. (2008). The influence, importance, and expression of heterosexual same-sex male friendships. Unpublished manuscript. Azusa Pacific University. ABSTRACT: This paper examines the implications and expression of heterosexual male friendships. Relationships are a … Continue reading

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Men and the Expression of Emotion

Presentation by Narges Horriat, Tyler Madsen, and Matthew Okida

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Quintero-Gonzalez & Koestner (2006)

Quintero-Gonzalez & Koestner (2006) conducted a study using valentine announcements as a means of understanding the romantic emotions of men and women. Their goal was to discover how the difference of gender affects the style and content in which the … Continue reading

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Hook, Gerstein, Detterich, & Gridley (2003)

Hook, Gerstein, Detterich and Gridley (2003) conducted a study examining the different components of intimacy: love and affection, personal validation, trust, and self-disclosure “to see if women and men differ in their experiences of intimacy” (p. 462). They further defined … Continue reading

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McCabe (1987)

McCabe (1987) conducted this study among Australian young adults considering the deficit between desired and experienced levels of premarital affection and sexual intercourse present in sample dating relationships. The present study sought to identify recordable differences between men and women … Continue reading

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Willis & Dodds (1998)

Willis and Dodds (1998) conducted an observational and verbal survey recording the initiation of physical touch in cross-gender relationships. Their aim was to determine whether or not age, gender, or the intimacy of the observed relationship had substantial contributions to … Continue reading

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Blier & Blier-Wilson (1989)

Blier and Blier-Wilson (1989) conducted an experiment at Georgia State University in the hopes of coming to some conclusions regarding gender roles in different types of emotional expression. They explored expressiveness vs. inexpressiveness in different emotions between men and women, … Continue reading

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