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Happy Father’s Day!

A huge heartfelt thanks to our men for all they do to provide for their families and keep them safe, and for being their guiding light throughout life. You’re the best! May God bless you and strengthen you. Advertisements

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Abstracts & Links to Final Papers

Benson, B., Castro, B., Graf, J., & Pratt, M. (2008). The influence, importance, and expression of heterosexual same-sex male friendships. Unpublished manuscript. Azusa Pacific University. ABSTRACT: This paper examines the implications and expression of heterosexual male friendships. Relationships are a … Continue reading

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Presentation by Lauren Chase, Steven May, Heather Scott, Kimberly Woods, and Brandon Youngblood

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Covell & Turnbull (1982)

Fathers are important aspects in the lives of most children in today’s world. Any father, especially an absent one, can have a profound effect on who a child is to become later in life. Covell and Turnbull (1982) aimed at … Continue reading

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Furrow (1998)

Based on the commonly held belief that fatherhood is a socially constructed role, Furrow (1998) explored the understanding of the ideal fatherhood model shaped by the Christian men’s movement. Furrow stated that three perspectives which are necessary for understanding the … Continue reading

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Biller & Bahm (1971)

The relationship between the maternal influence on masculine self-concept in father-absent versus father-present junior high school boys was analyzed. Father presence has been deemed important to a boys identification of his masculine identity. When a boy is deprived of the … Continue reading

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Buchmann & DiPrete (2006)

In the last 40 years the system that once exclusively promoted the academic involvement of males has taken a drastic turn in the opposite direction. Females are now obtaining the majority of bachelor’s degrees, a trend that is consistent across … Continue reading

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