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Abstracts & Links to Final Papers

Benson, B., Castro, B., Graf, J., & Pratt, M. (2008). The influence, importance, and expression of heterosexual same-sex male friendships. Unpublished manuscript. Azusa Pacific University. ABSTRACT: This paper examines the implications and expression of heterosexual male friendships. Relationships are a … Continue reading

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The Influence, Importance, and Expression of Heterosexual Same-Sex Male Friendships

Presentation by Brittany Benson, Brent Castro, Jackie Graf, and McKenna Pratt Click to view presentation.

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Lansford & Parker (1999)

Most of the research done with children in deciding gender differences in peer interaction and quality in friendships is conducted using friendship dyads, but in Lansford and Parker’s 1999 study triads are used. The reason for this is because the … Continue reading

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Farver & Branstetter (2004)

Farver and Branstetter’s (1994) goal was to see if there was any gender difference in prosocial response to peers in preschoolers. The study was conducted in three child-care facilities. There were a total of 52 participants, 26 boys and 26 … Continue reading

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Knox, Vail-Smith, & Zusman (2007)

Many college students experience loneliness while they are in their college years. College is a time of changes and adjustments, which includes making new friends. Many college students report that they have experienced loneliness on a regular basis. This study … Continue reading

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Caldwell & Peplau (1982)

Caldwell and Peplau (1982) researched potential differences within same-sex friendships. The purpose of the researchers was to examine college-aged, same-sex friendships across three domains, including number of friends, level of intimacy, and types of interactions.  They hypothesized that friendship value … Continue reading

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Grief (2006)

Male friendships can provide a male with comfort and a chance to express vulnerability that may never be explored and discovered without such relationships. However, most males do not have the ability to cultivate such relationships because the idea that … Continue reading

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