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Abstracts & Links to Final Papers

Benson, B., Castro, B., Graf, J., & Pratt, M. (2008). The influence, importance, and expression of heterosexual same-sex male friendships. Unpublished manuscript. Azusa Pacific University. ABSTRACT: This paper examines the implications and expression of heterosexual male friendships. Relationships are a … Continue reading

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Communication in a Heterosexual Dating Relationship

Presentation by Daniel Cayem, Jessica McIlroy, Jenny Sprowls, and Jenny Stierwalt Click to view presentation.

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Vogel, Murphy, Werner-Wilson, Cutrona, & Seeman (2007)

Over the past two decades, there has been a significant increase in research done on two behaviors commonly seen between husbands and wives engaging in marital problem-solving discussions. These two behaviors are demand and withdraw. Demand occurs when one partner … Continue reading

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Robertson, Lin, Woodford, Danos, & Hurst (2001)

Robertson, Lin, Woodford, Danos, and Hurst (2001) explored the stereotype that men are hypoemotional (unable to experience emotion) and that women are hyperemotional, a belief that has been around for decades. Most scholarly literature on this topic shows men as … Continue reading

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Miller & Roloff (2005)

Miller and Roloff (2005) examined gender communication issues in terms of verbal response to hurtful situations. Applying this to relationships, it may be apparent that males and females vary in their use of emotional expression based on acceptable gender behavior … Continue reading

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Wagner-Raphael, Seal & Ehrnardt (2001)

Males are finding that they have to go to their female counterparts in order to have a relationship that fulfills their emotional needs. Wanger-Raphael, Seal, and Ehrhardt (2001) conducted a study to see if males feel more comfortable in relationships … Continue reading

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Lance (1998)

Males and females find certain characteristics attractive in their opposite sex partners. Lance (1998) stated characteristics that individuals look for in partners has changed to focus on the personality of the individuals as opposed to prior characteristics of importance such … Continue reading

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