Man Protects Instinctively

protectorHe protects the people he loves … and sometimes even people he doesn’t love … and sometimes even people he loves – or doesn’t love – who happen to be angry at him at the time.

Remember that he’s more sensitive than a woman.

Here’s where this characteristic comes beautifully into play. His radar is alert for danger, and instead of analyzing his emotions, he takes action … or gives you advice or tries to solve the problem. Which you often hate because you don’t understand his intent. You erroneously believe he’s trying to fix you just to shut you up. Although that may be partially true (sorry for being so frank), it’s mostly that a man doesn’t like to see someone he loves suffering. He wants the pain to stop … and to stop now. So he gives you advice. He’s trying to protect you from further hurt. You can appreciate how really sweet that is of him … when you understand why he’s doing it.

However, his sensitivity can backfire in a heartbeat. [read more]


About occhristiancounseling

Dr. Smith is passionate about helping Christian couples and single adults figure out better ways to apply biblical principles and the findings of scientific research to their everyday lives. She holds a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degree, with a Minor in Applied Theology, from Biola University.
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