Why Won’t He Talk to Me?

When something’s wrong, it’s often the woman who notices it and wants to talk about it – to figure out what’s wrong and fix the problem. Here’s a frequent complaint from our Relationship Survey:

We have problems agreeing on the way in which we will deal with problems. I want to deal with them when they come up, and he wants to think about it on his own for a long time and hope the problem goes away before we talk about it.

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 5.10.13 PMDoes anything about that sound familiar to you?

Have you’ve ever wondered, “Why won’t he talk to me?”
Maybe you’ve tried everything you can think of.
But don’t give up! Learn what to do!

Coming soon on Amazon.com …

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An Ephesians 5 Romance

An Ephesians 5 Romance

Your love story matters.
It matters because it belongs to you. It’s what you know and where you live.
Mostly, it matters to God.

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Happy Hearts Day, Guys & Gals!

A personal serenade from Brandon and Friends. This is just one of many reasons I love men! Thanks, guys! You’re the best!

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A Hopeful Romantic Interprets Ephesians 5

Dance With Me by Dr. Debi Smith (Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Coach)

Available @ Amazon.com
or instant download for iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, etc., @ Smashwords.com

Dr John TownsendMale-female relationships can be difficult. Both genders need understanding and skills to have great connections. Dr. Debi Smith has written a great book with biblical understanding, research-based principles, and applicable skills. The material will make significant gains in any relationship. I highly recommend this book.

~ Dr. John Townsend
Organizational Consultant, Psychologist
and Co-Author of Boundaries

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Invigorate Your Love for Your Spouse

Dance With Me: A Book Review
by Dr. Curtis Lehmann

Dr. Debi has a superb ability to write in a way that feels conversational and casual, while weaving together psychological research, her Christian faith, and her love of dance. Dance With Me offers the metaphor of dance for marriage and romance in a way that will invigorate your love for your spouse or perhaps your hope for a loving spouse one day. She uncovers how Scripture is a love story and how God hopes for us to find love in our own lives. Dr. Debi shares her own stories along the way, helping you to connect with her heart that will make you want to be a “hopeful romantic” too!

This book will be a delight for you to read if you have ever wished that your marriage could be as romantic as the movies. But she helps you see that a relationship can be even deeper than the movies if you really learn to love your spouse the way that God intended. I highly recommend this book!

Purchase Now!

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Continuing the Mission

peopleHelp support the Mission of this website >

“Helping couples realize that there is such a thing as Healthy Romance … if we can catch a vision of it through the Eyes of God and rely on His grace to make it happen.”

How can you help?

  1. Pray. We need the Power of the Holy Spirit!
  2. Spread the Word. Marriage is a good thing, ordained by God. Our culture needs to know that. Share with your friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, referring them to Dr. Debi’s website … or even talking to them in person.
  3. Purchase e-books @ Square Market
    Sale Price Available Titles
    $6.00 Dance With Me (reg. $9.99)
    a hopeful romantic interprets Ephesians 5
    $3.00 Why Won’t He Talk to Me? the simple truth about men and intimate communication (reg. $4)
    $1.00 Mothers and Sons how the maternal attachment experience affects boys’ social and emotional development (reg. $2)
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Man Protects Instinctively

protectorHe protects the people he loves … and sometimes even people he doesn’t love … and sometimes even people he loves – or doesn’t love – who happen to be angry at him at the time.

Remember that he’s more sensitive than a woman.

Here’s where this characteristic comes beautifully into play. His radar is alert for danger, and instead of analyzing his emotions, he takes action … or gives you advice or tries to solve the problem. Which you often hate because you don’t understand his intent. You erroneously believe he’s trying to fix you just to shut you up. Although that may be partially true (sorry for being so frank), it’s mostly that a man doesn’t like to see someone he loves suffering. He wants the pain to stop … and to stop now. So he gives you advice. He’s trying to protect you from further hurt. You can appreciate how really sweet that is of him … when you understand why he’s doing it.

However, his sensitivity can backfire in a heartbeat. [read more]

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